Permanently banned for Rule #9: No use of any hacks or exploits.
#34 overall ranking
15,468 total kills
4,701 total deaths
3.29 kills per death
1,009 perfomance rating
536.5 score per minute
NamelessNoobs 24/7 Nuketown last server played
2 days of play time
72 weeks since first connection
12 weeks since last seen
139 connections
549 messages sent
Nuketown last map played
3 months ago
Kicked by IW4MAdmin for Client is permanently banned
Permanently Banned by [NN]Nevoy for Rule #9: No use of any hacks or exploits.
spec lamer
Reported by Plow'n You for walling
go spec me and learn
omg.. ok
160 kills on camera
check baal killhouse on youtube just 4 curious
use minimap bro
Reported by honestiago for wallhack
Reported by imPetrichor for walls
Reported by IBicabod for walls
Hej! //)/\)(°°*W*°°)(/\(\\\"
4 months ago
not balanced cant change...
so ez