#0 overall ranking
712 total kills
535 total deaths
1.33 kills per death
313 perfomance rating
189.8 score per minute
NamelessNoobs Ground War last server played
7 hours of play time
54 weeks since first connection
54 weeks since last seen
10 connections
109 messages sent
Highrise last map played
one year ago
thanks for the games :D
alright ggs guys im gonna hop off
only seems to happen on shipment so far
it lagged the server ive just been informed
no idea
that was me
its all chat lol
rose press t instead
st0rm is cheatingf
heads up for everyone nukes dont end game they are a mw3 moab
if you guys wanna become Noobs apply to our MW2 team in the clan at www.NamelessNoobs.com
billy hes not cheating i went into spectator
i speced him he aint cheating
u guys being toxic ruins it actually
rosa parked
best name
rosa parked XD
drop it
guys it happenes its over with
no hes walking on water idiot
just a heads up our nukes are moabs
how do u guys like the killstreak system?
u can also apply to be apart of our mw2 team within the clan as well :D
so the game wont end
its a moab