#0 overall ranking
818 total kills
724 total deaths
1.13 kills per death
72 perfomance rating
0.7 score per minute
NamelessNoobs Gun Game last server played
7 hours of play time
49 weeks since first connection
16 weeks since last seen
33 connections
61 messages sent
Castle last map played
3 months ago
9 months ago
dirty hacker
me too man
jump shots is big pp
smoll pp
11 months ago
tbh i thought the abusive chat report was someting to joke about until i saw the log
aight gn cardo
so if you're just going to sit in spawn and throw out hackusations is it cool if i tb you for a bit
and they're just shit
but in reality they're not hacking
salty south american peeps go download hacks because they genuinely believe everyone else is hacking
i'd do it because i want to end my suffering smh
i would like to know as well