#1,163 overall ranking
10,936 total kills
10,666 total deaths
1.03 kills per death
143 perfomance rating
88.8 score per minute
NamelessNoobs Stock Maps last server played
4 days of play time
49 weeks since first connection
3 weeks since last seen
126 connections
385 messages sent
Bootleg last map played
26 days ago
and he rage quitted
kind of a fun kid
mate, you're 1-13
Kicked by weedy for please change your name
Kicked by weedy for please change your name
7 months ago
why do ppl care so much about stats, at the end its a game
well, if the map isnt meant for 9v9 or 6v6 of course the spawns would suck
wasnt this map for 3v3?
i guess my friend was right, ppl take this game to seriously
also that, 10yrs on the same game? i would have gotten bored after 2
and is the KD of a 3rd party server, meaning that like what? 300 ppl play it?
i mean, if the admins want it, they shut down the server and bye stats of everyone
why does KD matter here? isnt this a 10 year old game?
most of the time those are eu, so ping is a problem
was wondering why everyone typed it