#300 overall ranking
1,136 total kills
767 total deaths
1.48 kills per death
370 perfomance rating
304.6 score per minute
NamelessNoobs 24/7 Nuketown last server played
12 hours of play time
53 weeks since first connection
10 weeks since last seen
43 connections
99 messages sent
Nuketown last map played
2 months ago
phar putting in that work
another moab
ima rock back in the caribbean xD
lmao glad i dont live there
didnt see the 2nd one
1 hit huh
4 months ago
i fucked up my nule
that fucked up spawn
that bs ms
its a moab
nuke doesnt end the gaame
Just dont type thats all
he got warned already
for what
Permanently Banned CoR| EL IMBA for caught wall hacking
lol get banned
nice wall hack
cg_fov 90
7 months ago
you need scav to get pick it up
its not banned here
hal wtf is your lag
stop tryna camp