[NN] Sticks
#0 overall ranking
3,296 total kills
1,777 total deaths
1.85 kills per death
573 perfomance rating
379.2 score per minute
NamelessNoobs Stock Maps last server played
13 hours of play time
78 weeks since first connection
25 weeks since last seen
40 connections
60 messages sent
Quarry last map played
6 months ago
People just sit on the stairs, and that spot shoots right at the stairs lol
Thats a common wallbang spot, try it sometime
Nah, I just camp
Getting prefired on RUST??? IMPOSSIBLE
Oh now youre the admin?
lol Hes not cheating buddy
Im in a call rn, sorry dawg
later bro
Youre the one getting mad in a game thats more then a decade old, nerd
Who cares?
Hes just mad because other people arent playing the way he wants them to
Its a 13 year old game, I dont play this shit to get better"
I will :)
keep watching them xD
And youre a whiner :)
If youre talking about me, im not an admin so say as you please lol
They didnt cader to the unfortunate back when this was made
its mw2, not cold war lol
why you pick on me
Havent been all game
also I only camped that one game, I havent this game or the last lol
Im not an admin, but think whatever you want lol
I told you check the discord lol I havent been an admin on here in over 2 years lol
Nice try