#0 overall ranking
1,939 total kills
603 total deaths
3.22 kills per death
255 perfomance rating
NaN score per minute
NamelessNoobs 24/7 Lockdown last server played
1 day of play time
41 weeks since first connection
39 weeks since last seen
73 connections
196 messages sent
Lockdown last map played
6 months ago
[Webfront] okay i’ll ban you
[Webfront] yes i saw the false reps
[Webfront] all of you are annoying tbh
[Webfront] ok chill pls
[Webfront] be on later, gotta go back to work bb
[Webfront] must be nice
[Webfront] what
[Webfront] hello
[Webfront] spooky ghost
[Webfront] stop reporting chubbs for cheating when he isn’t, tired of seeing those reports
[Webfront] i still like your name
[Webfront] hello butt
[Webfront] come help populate stock maps pls
7 months ago
[Webfront] jim
[Webfront] dance is trash
Kicked Notultiimate for making room for clan member
[Webfront] nerdseed
[Webfront] he’s right there
[Webfront] domed
[Webfront] bus noob
[Webfront] hello dance