Kyoko Iwase
Senior Administrator
#0 overall ranking
1,277 total kills
2,130 total deaths
0.6 kills per death
66 perfomance rating
0.2 score per minute
NamelessNoobs NukeRaidedJack last server played
3 days of play time
53 weeks since first connection
22 weeks since last seen
582 connections
1,140 messages sent
Hijacked last map played
5 months ago
and enjoy ban <3
get gud
plot armor and aimbot are not the same my guy
funny thing is he was blatantly walling himself
there's some ironic shit going on
not blatant at all
wanted to leave anyway
top big brain plays of the year smh
wind staff finally
only took till round 24 lmao
let him die i guess
gen 4
and got kek