Thick Glutes
#76 overall ranking
1,766 total kills
464 total deaths
3.81 kills per death
747 perfomance rating
226.6 score per minute
NamelessNoobs TDM last server played
5 hours of play time
51 weeks since first connection
4 weeks since last seen
22 connections
72 messages sent
Detour last map played
one month ago
Disconnected from NN BO2 TDM
this games team balancing is really bad
switch teams gator
gator sorry bro. lets shit on these kids
Reported Le4n for walls
Reported [EsaR]MateyOnYT for walls
literally been making you throat my dick since you joined lmao no one is mad
keep cheating matey lmao. you still cant fuck with me.
Reported by Le4n for walls
lean and matey are both cheating lol
and from bursting u
damn my dick is sore.
hey at2m i hate feeders so im gonna emp all ur tac inserts k?
teach me how to play
glad i dindt try to carry lmao
bro i am running around w remington and look at this team
speak when ur brain works and u arent ass
you got shit on too lean
my dick hurts from fucking on you gator
i troll w shotty again
what happened?
hey arangator where was the nuke?
scar using shitter lol
fuck you and your YT channel matey
get a nuke when im on opposite team