#0 overall ranking
3,364 total kills
842 total deaths
4 kills per death
348 perfomance rating
NaN score per minute
NamelessNoobs 24/7 Lockdown last server played
1 day of play time
39 weeks since first connection
30 weeks since last seen
90 connections
278 messages sent
Lockdown last map played
7 months ago
although youll probably still accuse everyone
go play plutonium, anticheat makes it impossible to hack
you arent gonna get banned
just leave lmao
then play something else
you can use the leave game" option instead"
how about you just leave?
salinas is legit
beppoz is banned
Permanently Banned Beppoz for hacking [email protected]
part of the reason is bc they get annoyed when ppl like you always accuse people for cheating
Kicked AstraZeneca for afk
not proving much of a point going 3-18
or hes just better than you?
have been
none of them are cheating
just dont make any more false reports please