#0 overall ranking
144 total kills
165 total deaths
0.87 kills per death
56 perfomance rating
NaN score per minute
NamelessNoobs 24/7 Lockdown last server played
2 hours of play time
39 weeks since first connection
32 weeks since last seen
7 connections
62 messages sent
Lockdown last map played
9 months ago
its a start tho
angels are off
but still broken
its shows up
look on the site
hi weedy
this will be nice
but other stuff is decent
Metrics on angle is off
greg bring some friends
yes we got one
weedy was suppose to help but he mia now
really need this lobby to fillup
like no dumb stuff everyone else does
Or i might do a cancerless infected server
i miss the old gungame server as well
since they both pop
pluto has rustylock and stockmaps
I really wanna do a mutlimap
so people can camp
or add like dropzone
probably ghonna remove the dom