#1,582 overall ranking
762 total kills
1,897 total deaths
0.4 kills per death
42 perfomance rating
24.2 score per minute
NamelessNoobs NukeJacked last server played
16 hours of play time
29 weeks since first connection
5 weeks since last seen
111 connections
338 messages sent
Nuketown 2025 last map played
one month ago
i will keep a eye out
guys its really hard to spectate every person you asume is cheating xd
and what for cheat do you think he has
tell me there names
ok whats going on?
Permanently Banned [Pope]TupungBreitjung for Rule #9: No use of any hacks or exploits.
Kicked niggascrotum123 for pleae change your name
come on guys really spawn killing?
i think i was 14 or something
im 27 xD
i need to make a good setup
first warning
its not my day
and i catched a cheater xD
yesterday i had a person just doing bad language
i didnt put the reason
ok i will do like this please language
li IWjv
on namelessnoob
im here alot so if there is anything just pm me
everyone has a good day so far?
it needs to be fun for everyone :)
Kicked Juwdo for stop with that language