#0 overall ranking
110 total kills
68 total deaths
1.62 kills per death
120 perfomance rating
NaN score per minute
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22 weeks since first connection
20 weeks since last seen
5 connections
39 messages sent
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[Webfront] ...
[Webfront] Dome guys?
[Webfront] its ok rn
[Webfront] i could change to dome but maybe other people are against it, hardhat is not a bad map either
[Webfront] Hi Cherry, its me Kristy :p
[Webfront] which map do you want next? or restart rust?
[Webfront] maybe you want a different map, for example rust?
Unflagged Lipeee. for false flagged
one month ago
[Webfront] Hi Snow :)
[Webfront] Hi mostan nab
[Webfront] Snowwyy just a good player ;p
[Webfront] go in stock maps nabs
[Webfront] I just replied to you so that I do not log in to the system, through the web panel it is more convenient for me to answer since the translator is at hand :p
[Webfront] Oki
[Webfront] Hello b0ss
[Webfront] I almost always gather people on it
[Webfront] I think you guys better put a rust map
[Webfront] noob put rust on the next map, this is also a popular map, I always try to gather people on it
[Webfront] yes I came for that too
[Webfront] Hi nab :p
[Webfront] ?
[Webfront] skip
[Webfront] oh mostan you're back, welcome ;p
[Webfront] we just need to wait a little while for the rest of the people to join us
[Webfront] skip?
[Webfront] I just see that people are leaving this map