#387 overall ranking
23,751 total kills
19,283 total deaths
1.23 kills per death
334 perfomance rating
217.5 score per minute
NamelessNoobs Stock Maps last server played
6 days of play time
46 weeks since first connection
2 days since last seen
282 connections
1,654 messages sent
Skidrow last map played
2 days ago
i has to go
yes 70
does that count as me making him rage quit
unlimited causes weird trippy shit when going up stairs
i would suggest setting the limit to like 333 actually
i don't like kill streaks that aren't mine smh
cold war is aight
mw 2019 i mean
hate that game tbh
so i'm especially trash atm
mainly cold war
been playing nothering my mw 2019 and cold war
nah he's jim and you ate his doritos
is a map vote
he kept dying before i could actually find him and spec ffs
was typing out the shit :v
Permanently Banned PepsIITrikshotZ for Blatant aimbot. [email protected]
17 days ago
your ping was lower stfu :v
kinda gay cuz i'm over wifi and keep dropping packets ;-;
decent player with amazing ping
i never knew west coast ping was this shit