#0 overall ranking
24,552 total kills
20,053 total deaths
1.22 kills per death
268 perfomance rating
222 score per minute
NamelessNoobs 24/7 NukeRow last server played
6 days of play time
81 weeks since first connection
3 weeks since last seen
307 connections
1,685 messages sent
Skidrow last map played
3 months ago
Permanently Banned Tonyboy for Blatant walls. [email protected]
8 months ago
Permanently Banned PepsIITrikshotZ for Blatant aimbot. [email protected]
Permanently Banned Buck Biggsly for You appear to have some hax my dude. [email protected]
9 months ago
Kicked AI4 for afk
Permanently Banned CONDAMINE1 for blatant aimbot
11 months ago
Permanently Banned big hot dog for Blatant walls. [email protected]
Permanently Banned Vacant for Blatant walls. [email protected]
Permanently Banned mike hunt for Exodus
Permanently Banned Purple Pyrex for blatant walls [email protected]
one year ago
Permanently Banned 2000 hours for Wallhack/aimbot [email protected]
Permanently Banned Sakieru for Wallhack/uav. [email protected]
Permanently Banned m070475 for Jitter.
Kicked Amanda for stop pls
Permanently Banned randomOKzz for Ban evasion. Please fuck off.
Permanently Banned Rae pys for Caught hacking. [email protected]
one year ago
Permanently Banned Akashic for Blatant walls. [email protected]
Kicked Nick Gerr for Listen next time.
Kicked Fmo Trichp for Double color in name is not allowed.
Kicked Kpa6_B_TPYCAX for afk
Kicked Spooky for afk
Kicked (i7)Nandan for temp banned
Kicked Cowdoy for Fix your lag m8
Warned El_Bandi98GER for No racism
Warned Heisenberg for No racism please.
Warned Heisenberg for No racism
Kicked Frinzle for Not listening to admins
Kicked C o r r u p t for o r r temp banned
Kicked [BNB]Condor for temp banned