#0 overall ranking
109 total kills
146 total deaths
0.75 kills per death
206 perfomance rating
227.9 score per minute
NamelessNoobs Stock Maps last server played
47 minutes of play time
6 weeks since first connection
6 weeks since last seen
1 connections
30 messages sent
Scrapyard last map played
one month ago
how did you know I was there catnip?
wtf my shot didnt regitster
You hack on a 12 year old game
I know your father didnt love you enough
Gamerr stfu
Gamerrx got walls
gamerr we caught yo ass
i gave him the benifir of the doubt but like
Reported Danou for esp
hell nah bro
just fucking looked at me thru a bush
Yes he is
im not mad im dissapointed
buzz kill bro
it feels like some people got esp i swear
and it said disabled
no I played a few days ago
wish i had a nade launcher
you sound like my dad
like when you get shot
no, flinch
wtf is this flinch on lmgs
On me!
im striaght sorry
camping how fun and cool
why is everyone camping this isnt mw 2019
Japan Simulator