#0 overall ranking
533 total kills
352 total deaths
1.51 kills per death
402 perfomance rating
321.9 score per minute
NamelessNoobs Stock Maps last server played
2 hours of play time
14 weeks since first connection
6 weeks since last seen
10 connections
14 messages sent
Terminal last map played
one month ago
Disconnected from NN IW4x Stock Maps
Connected to NN IW4x Stock Maps
Disconnected from NN IW4x NukeTermRow
Connected to NN IW4x NukeTermRow
Disconnected from NN IW4x DLC Maps
Connected to NN IW4x DLC Maps
3 months ago
lololol no hacksa srry
add me on disc ill share my screen bud
ill 1v1 anyone and slap u
idek what that means
this is longrange and im doing goods simple
i was csniping closerange and got worked
i mean buddy im just good sorry to tell ya
lololol im not
Reported by imPetrichor for wh
u shoot and i moveto u ur just trash
lol wall hacking
hahah waaaaa
lol slappin yall
Reported by Taliban Cat for wall hacks