#138 overall ranking
17,194 total kills
6,877 total deaths
2.5 kills per death
756 perfomance rating
377.7 score per minute
NamelessNoobs 24/7 NukeRow last server played
3 days of play time
76 weeks since first connection
4 weeks since last seen
251 connections
18 messages sent
Skidrow last map played
29 days ago
its a bot...
keep reporting me then. Nothing will happen because I don't cheat
spectate me bitch
your shit
You are the only idiot calling cheats on me.
It's a small ass map and a common corner
Are you that stupid?
he killed me there
Are you for real?
18-29 saying ez...
fuck cargo
rock hard
5 minutes?
3 months ago
On me!
one year ago
shit team