#0 overall ranking
20,166 total kills
14,417 total deaths
1.4 kills per death
102 perfomance rating
0.4 score per minute
NamelessNoobs NukeRaidedJack last server played
4 days of play time
81 weeks since first connection
69 weeks since last seen
469 connections
642 messages sent
Raid last map played
6 days ago
Unflagged by toga for im clean lol Linked from toga
one year ago
Kicked [CP]ChildrenAreSexy for change name and stop being racist
Unflagged Thurns for clean player
Kicked Corona for afk
Warned InZaynex for stop spamming in chat
Permanently Banned Jake Paul for walls and soft aim
Permanently Banned Faze Jake for wh and soft aim
Permanently Banned Your Mom for aimbot
Permanently Banned FaZe Adapt for aimbot
Warned Cockness Monste for stop spamming that link
Permanently Banned ka$h for silent aim
Kicked [edro]kawer enduro for afk
Kicked Vtolas:( for banned
Permanently Banned Vtolas:( for wh aimbot