Gooch Grease
#1,591 overall ranking
622 total kills
645 total deaths
0.96 kills per death
268 perfomance rating
151.8 score per minute
NamelessNoobs S&D last server played
20 hours of play time
1 week since first connection
15 hours since last seen
30 connections
438 messages sent
Carrier last map played
15 hours ago
Disconnected from NamelessNoobs S&D
maybe u do need it bc ur awareness be ass
u wouldnt need a jitter
scab bro why lmao just play normal and dont be bad
dumb spick
scab put the fkn jitter awayyyyyyyyy
can yall kill anyone in a smh
niglet live
u gotta havew mw2 for sm2 too
scab r u employed
Connected to NamelessNoobs S&D
17 hours ago
Disconnected from NamelessNoobs S&D
nike tech said im sick of losing an put on mms an shock charges lmaoo
nobody trying
im sniping lmao
man stop making everyone leavee
im down
where everybody going
mohammed why u make me us m8
smellyfetus what did u do
18 hours ago
lmaoooo he left
so ass