#0 overall ranking
20 total kills
29 total deaths
0.69 kills per death
93 perfomance rating
NaN score per minute
NamelessNoobs RustyLock last server played
2 days of play time
35 weeks since first connection
33 weeks since last seen
96 connections
51 messages sent
Lockdown last map played
8 months ago
stop asking about boosting and free moabs
Kicked Mae for no boosting go play against bots if you want free moabs
have fun
do u guys want a dif map
im gonna afk on stock maps since this is full
usually better than this
this tracpad aim is so unresponsive
i prefer to play on a flat desk
i normally use mousewheel but trackpad dont have taht
lol im using e for melee this is so fuckign weird
i have a amouse but its with my good laptop im just fucking around rn
im just using some old ass hp laptop i had since i was 13
yea same